Work-Life Balance of Women Employees in Service sector: A Pilot Study

sonali ramesh kshirsagar


An employed mother is carrying the pains of her child crying at home till she returns at home indicating separation anxiety; a Father is stressed on the work spot resulting of his known negligence for his family. It has a great influence on overall quality of life.  Of course the art of doing lies in balancing among work, non-work and family aspects of life. Work and quality of life: QWL provides for the balanced relationship among work, non-work and family life should not be strained by working hours, including business travel, transfers, vacations etc. The research study was focused on Women Employee Work-Life Balance of service sector namely Academics, Banks and Health care sector of Aurangabad Region on a pilot study basis . An Attempt was done to study the existence of work-life balance problem among the working women in the specified area which can be executed on a large sample later on. It was tried to examine how the factors affecting work-life balance influence quality of life of married working women.

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