A Groundwork Based Novel Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Amolkirat Singh, Guneet Saini


Many people lose their life and/or are injured due to accidents or unexpected events taking place on road networks. Besides traffic jams, these accidents generate a tremendous waste of time and fuel. Undoubtedly, if the vehicles are provided with timely and dynamic information related to road traffic conditions, any unexpected events or accidents, the safety and efficiency of the transportation system with respect to time, distance, fuel consumption and environmentally destructive emissions can be improved. In the field of computer and information science, Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) have recently emerged as an effective tool for improving road safety through propagation of warning messages among the vehicles in the network about potential obstacles on the road ahead. VANET is a research area which is in more demand among the researchers, the automobile industries and scientists to discover about the loopholes and advantages of the vehicular networks so that efficient routing algorithms can be developed which can provide reliable and secure communication among the mobile nodes.In this paper, we propose a Groundwork Based Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol (GAODV) focus on how the Road Side Units (RSU’s) utilized in the architecture plays an important role for making the communication reliable. In the interval of finding the suitable path from source to destination the packet loss may occur and the delay also is counted if the required packet does not reach the specified destination on time. So to overcome delay, packet loss and to increase throughput GAODV approach is followed. The performance parameters in the GAODV comes out to be much better than computed in the traditional approach.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v7i11.474


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