A Research on user Recommendation System Based upon Semantic Analysis

Lovedeep Kaur, Naveen Kumari


Recommender system applied various techniques and prediction algorithm to predict user interest on information, items and services from the tremendous amount of available data on the internet. Recommender systems are now becoming increasingly important to individual users, businesses and specially e-commerce for providing personalized recommendations. Recommender systems have been evaluated and improved in many, often incomparable, ways. In this paper, we review the evaluation and improvement techniques for improving overall performance of recommendation systems and proposing a semantic analysis based approach for clustering based collaborative filtering to improve the coverage of recommendation. The basic algorithm or predictive model we use are – simple linear regression, k-nearest neighbours(kNN), naives bayes, support vector machine. We also review the pearson correlation coefficient algorithm and an associative analysis-based heuristic. The algorithms themselves were implemented from abstract class recommender, which was extended from weka distribution classifier class. The abstract class adds prediction method to the classifier.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v7i11.471


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