Appraisal of the ‘Prospects and Challenges’ of Cloud Computing and Distance Learning in the National Open University of Nigeria

Tina C Touitou


This paper focuses in examining the distance education, cloud computing and platforms, E- learning and its approaches via cloud computing, benefits and challenges in National Open University (NOUN) in Nigeria.Cloud computing and distance learning are rising speedily and play vital and powerful roles in education and learning in Nigeria today. The use of distance education in learning has come to stay and is being adopted, it needs to be constantly dynamic and innovative. It’s has the potential to transform the way distance education is consumed along with internet resources. It supports the smart phone mobile users to perform their tasks effectively- through paying less cost by utilizing the cloud based applications offered by the cloud service providers. The review of literature shows that the use of cloud computing is the best practice for the present educational situation. Despite the benefits associated with cloud-computing, there are still factors hindering the effective adoption of cloud computing in Nigerian educational system which among others include the epileptic power supply, low bandwidth just to mention a few.Survey study that was conducted  by DAMAR &NUHU 2015, that was adopted to authenticate this study, one hundred and seventy (170) students who indicated knowledge on the importance of cloud computing, but were not very satisfied with the confidentiality and accessibility of the services rendered to them in the cloud computing platform. Some of the reasons could be as a result of poor network and lack of confidence using information technology. The paper recommended among others, steady power supply, guarantee service confidentiality, accessibility and more reduction in cost. 

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