Sign Language Recognition Using Image Processing

Kamal Preet Kour, Lini Mathew


One of the major drawback of our society is the barrier that is created between disabled or handicapped persons and the normal person. Communication is the only medium by which we can share our thoughts or convey the message but for a person with disability (deaf and dumb) faces difficulty in communication with normal person. For many deaf and dumb people , sign language is the basic means of communication. Sign language recognition (SLR) aims to interpret sign languages automatically by a computer in order to help the deaf communicate with hearing society conveniently.  Our aim is to design a system  to help the person who trained the hearing impaired to communicate with the rest of the world using sign language or hand gesture recognition techniques. In this system, feature detection and feature extraction of hand gesture is done with the help of SURF algorithm using image processing. All this work is done using MATLAB software. With the help of this algorithm, a person can easily trained a deaf and dumb.

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