IoT Based Non Invasive Glucometer Using Optical Method

Saina Sunny, S. Swapna Kumar


Analysis and measurement of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) became one of the critical challenges of the coming future. Since by 2030, diabetes effected are increased to 360 million all over the world by the World Health Organization (WHO) analytical study survey results. The main aim of this paper is non invasive and continuous glucose monitoring with the IoT technology involvement. Traditional finger pricking methods pros and cons are notified and tried to rectify its demerits. The designed device consist of an infrared led having a wavelength of 900 to 1100nm for the optical blood glucose measurement. NIR photodiodes used to collect light collected from body parts and regressive analysis is carried out. The signal processing, data algorithm is based on Beer-Lambert’s law. In assistance with internet of things (IoT) in WiFi range push alerts are reached to the patients and their concerns on real time. Therefore, it helps in emergency, continuous real time blood glucose monitoring. An IOT based noninvasive glucose monitoring will be a milestone for emerging and smart generation.

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