An Energy Efficient Routing Scheme for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink

Ravneet Pal Kaur, Maninder Singh


In wireless sensor network, the sensor nodes find the route towards the sink to transmit the sensory information such as temperature, pressure etc of a particular area. The sensor nodes transmit the data directly to sink or it relays the data through neighbor nodes using single or multi-hop links. Each time when nodes send their data to static sink, the data is passed through the nearer nodes of sink to it. As soon as the nodes near to the sink become dead, the entire network will be useless as there will be no communication to the sink node. So, to conserve the energy we use mobile sink approach. Thus with the inclusion of mobile sink in WSN, new paradigm called mobile wireless sensor network came into existence. In this paper, to conserve energy and to perform energy efficient routing, we have proposed chain-based energy efficient routing scheme for mobile wireless sensor network (CB-EERM)which is using mobile sink and media access approach where sink moves from one position to another position in sensor field and sojourn at a particular location to collect the whole aggregated data from the various  leader(aggregator)nodes in chain using media access approach. The proposed mobile scheme CB-EERM is validated through simulation and compared with traditional static approach using metrics such as energy consumption, throughput, delay and packet delivery ratio where proposed approach outperforms the existing scheme.

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