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Libraries will need to enhance and upgrade nowadays since the world steps into the Digital systems.The major issue is that of the technical architecture that underlies any library which encompass both electronic and paper materials.Infact, Digital Libraries are also the digital face of traditional libraries that include both digital collections and traditional fixed media collections.It will also include digital materials that exist outside the physical and administrative bounds of anyone.  It includes all the process and services that are taken to the backbone and nervous systems of Libraries. This paper identifies various additional jobs of professional librarians those are well versed with science and technology applications.The government policy based challenge and need Library facilities in Digital Era are presented. The copyright issue plays an important role as well as the challenges are the complying with the copyright and intellectual property of right issues. Also the executive summary of impact of on Library Information Centre role on country population enrolled   under digitization process through aadhar card.

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The name of the Author: Mrs.C.Jayalakshmi,Research Scholar, Bharathiyar University,Coimbutore,TamilNadu.



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