Survey of Emotion Influence in Image Social Networks

Y. Helan Mettilda, R. Anbuselvi


Psychological theories propose that emotion represents the status of mind and natural responses of one’s cognitive system. Emotions are a difficult state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that power our actions. In this paper, we study an interesting problem of emotion infection in social networks.  In this paper, we study a different interesting problem of emotion influence in social networks. In particular, by employing an image social network as the basis of our study, we try to unveil how users’ emotional statuses influence each other and how users’ positions in the social network affect their influential strength on emotion in different papers.  We also find out several interesting phenomena. For example, the possibility that a user feels happy is about linear to the number of friends who are also happy; but taking a nearer look, the pleasure chance is super linear to the number of happy friends who act as opinion leaders in the network and sub linear in the number of happy friends who span structural holes. This offers a new chance to understand the basic mechanism of emotional contagion in online social networks.

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