A Mobility Based Pdorp Routing Protocol Based Upon Gradient Matrix

Mandeep Singh, Rekha Bhatia


PDORP is one of the heuristic enhancement technique and a subset subject of swarm knowledge. PDORP depends on recreating the idea of how water drops consolidate to shape waterways and streams thusly join to join the Sea by choosing the most limited way in light of heights of the land through which they stream. The basic approach of this protocol (and all other on-demand routing protocols) amid the course development stage is to set up a course by flooding Route Request parcels in the system. The objective center point, on tolerating a Route Request distribute, by sending a Route Reply package back to the source, which passes on the course explored by the Route Request package got. In the proposal an approach is defined for energy efficiency and reduction in data dropped in the WSN network. In PDORP algorithm a subset is defined, in which if a single node in that subset is died out then the whole subset have to be replaced.  A modification in the PDORP algorithm is made to achieve the objectives of the research in which an energy threshold set for each node. In case of the proposed approach with the low energy in the subset of network the neighbor nodes of the subset can cover the area of the died node. The proposed approach is defined on the basis of Ant Colony Optimization using which the algorithm become more energy efficient. In this way the data dropped due to the replacement of the subset may be reduced so there is a reduction in the energy dissipation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse/V7I7/0221


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