Image Features for Content Based Image Retrieval System in Image Mining

Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin, Divyendu Kumar Mishra


The digital images are used in multiple applications, such as Geographical image, medical image, architecture design, advertising and military. Image retrieval that is user-defined image from a large image database is a critical image processing technique. The main objective of this research paper is supporting the image features for content based image retrieval system in image mining. The capability of present CBIR systems has been limited by their use of only primitive features, so they cannot satisfy most semantic-level query demands. The CBIR system extracts the stored images from the database by comparing the features of the query image with the images in the collection. The implemented system only used RGB and HSV color model for color feature extraction. Other color models such as HIS, CMYK, CMY, etc.; can also be incorporated to extract color feature for image retrieval to improve the accuracy of the system.

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