A Brief Review of Analysis, Diagnosis & Detection of Glaucoma Eye Disease in Human Beings

Swathi Ramachandran, T. C. Manjunath, Pavithra G., Prathibha Harish


This document gives formatting instructions for authors preparing papers for publication in the Proceedings of an IEEE conference. The authors must follow the instructions given in the document for the papers to be published. You can use this document as both an instruction set and as a template into which you can type your own text.The human eye forms one of the vital organs of the body. The eye always plays a vital role in our daily life ; as without eyes, the whole world would be dark & performance of the daily routine works would be very difficult. In the sense, without sight, it would be very difficult for any person to do any activity.  There are various reasons for the loss of vision/sight in the human eyes. Hence, blindness has to be avoided in the human eyes as the most precious human organ is solely responsible for the vision.  One of the cause for blindness & loss of vision in the eyes is due to different types of diseases that occurs in the eyes because of various factors. One such disease which is caused due to vision loss is the ‘Glaucoma’. In this paper, a brief review of the analysis, diagnosis & detection of Glaucoma Eye disease in human beings is being presented in a nutshell as a survey paper. In this paper, only a exhaustive literature survey of the recent works done by various authors across the globe till date is being presented w.r.t. the exciting & application oriented bio-medical field of glaucoma is being presented in a nutshell so that this paper serves as a ready reckoner for all the people who are going to work in this exciting field.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v9i6.1029


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